Training Vermont’s Next Gen Programmers

BURLINGTON | Silicon Valley has one, so does Boston, New York and Los Angeles, as well as university campuses nationwide. But now its the Burlington metro area’s turn: a private, high-tech school dedicated to teaching the challenging, complex and creative science of computer programming.

Burlington Code Academy is opening Vermont’s first code school in June.

From left Alex Horner, Alex Chafee and Ben Boas. (James Buck / Seven Days)

In addition to coding, the academy also teaches life skills.

The academy provides accelerated education programs that teach students how to become job-ready programmers in 12-weeks.

The school’s initial course, titled Web Development Bootcamp, is an immersive, on-site program, meaning students can expect a full-time, 40-plus hour work week.

“Students are provided career guidance and networking opportunities as they work together in teams on projects that simulate a real work environment,” according to academy founder and CMO Alexander L. Horner. “Burlington Code Academy provides students with the opportunity to jump into a new career, or learn the skills they need to advance their current one.”

According to Horner, tech companies throughout the U.S. are having difficulties finding qualified candidates, coding bootcamps have been growing in popularity as an effective funnel for new talent.

“In Vermont, businesses have moved out of state due to a lack of skilled applicants able to fill open positions,” he told the Eagle. “Burlington Code Academy is reversing that trend by providing accessible, accelerated education.”

“It’s a two-sided market” added cofounder and CEO Benjamin Boas. “We provide students with the skills they need to enter a career in tech and help Vermont companies find the talent they need to grow.”

The academy is currently accepting applications for the Web Development Bootcamp, launching this June. Tuition rates have been cut in half for the first course.

Students can sign up by visiting and submitting an online application. “Although previous coding experience is not required, drive and dedication is a must,” Horner said.