Coding Bootcamp Coming To Hartford, CT

Upward Hartford

Vermont-based company, Burlington Code Academy, has partnered with co-working space, Upward, to bring the first immersive coding bootcamp to Hartford, CT.

Coding bootcamps are popping up everywhere, even in Vermont, where three co-founders, Benny Boas, Alex Horner, and Alex Chaffee, started the State’s first immersive code school, Burlington Code Academy (BCA). Their 12-week program, the Web Development Bootcamp, is for adults 18+ that are eager to advance their skills in software and web development. The bootcamp has seen success in the Green Mountain State, where this type of skills training was lacking but the demand for it is high. The company’s Chief Executive, Benny, was surprised when he learned that Hartford, a city poised to reinvent itself with technology growth, was also without a bootcamp.

“The major issue is that anyone who wants to learn coding in the way that it applies to writing functional software has three options: (1) forego a social experience and learn online; (2) attend a traditional, 4-year institution; or (3) leave the city of Hartford and attend a bootcamp somewhere out of State. Skills training shouldn’t be that difficult to access.” – Benny Boas, Co-Founder & CEO

For this reason, Burlington Code Academy has teamed with Upward, a high-powered technology hub in downtown Hartford, to launch the city’s first coding bootcamp. The first course BCA is offering at Upward is the Web Development Bootcamp, which places the emphasis on working in teams to build real applications that students can add to their portfolio or use in real life. Daily lessons include JavaScript programming, client and server-side software development, and soft-skill training onsite at Upward’s co-working facility.

Upward is passionately cultivating a community where ideas can be born, projects can launch, and connections can be made. They are committed to creating an environment which encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to be focused, driven and creative. Nurturing an innovation hub that everyone in the community is a part of is essential to sustained success in Hartford.

The first course at Upward launches June 3rd, 2019 and runs through August 23rd. The course is in-person and full-time (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm). Space is limited in order to provide an optimal hands-on learning experience. Therefore, those interested are encouraged to begin applying now.

For more information and to register for the BCA bootcamp, please visit:

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