About Burlington Code Academy

What We Do

The future of work is evolving at the speed of technology and it’s time for education to keep pace.

When you step into the Burlington Code Academy classroom, you can see what the future of education looks like: students working together to solve complex problems in an environment that mirrors the modern workplace.

With a dedicated staff of expert instructors, technologists and career strategists, we combine technology education with career training to ensure that you succeed as a team member, life-long learner, and in your transition to a new career.

Who We Are

Founded in 2017 by Benny Boas (CEO) and Alex Horner (COO), Burlington Code Academy was born out of a shared vision: to create an accessible technology school that always gives students a return on their investment.

The school has since earned a reputation as a leading center for career transformation and technology education. BCA's award winning education programs emphasize teamwork, career-readiness and the importance of collaborative learning.

Our Team

Benny Boas


Benny is a designer, runner, education entrepreneur and technology nerd. Before founding BCA, Benny worked as a user experience designer for a range of Fortune 500 clients across the US.

Alex Horner


With a background in product development and business administration, Alex has a penchant for leading technology teams focused on social impact.

Joshua Burke

Director of Education

Josh is a professional software developer, local JavaScript legend, and passionate technologist. Josh is also a former instructor, self-taught coder, and a professionally trained educator.

Heather Belcher


With a deep background in accounting, entrepreneurship, and financial planning, Heather is a problem solver, DIY'er, constant learner, operations director, and sustainability enthusiast.

Rick Machanic

Rick Machanic

UX Program Manager

Serial entrepreneur, CEO, UX design professional, husband and dad. Founder/CEO of digital agency Tag New Media, and current UX Design Program Manager at Burlington Code Academy.

Etienne Morris

Career Coach

Etienne is a professional career coach and recruiter with loves to help her clients gain the confidence to OWN their career journeys.

Instructor Bob Stauss

Bob Stauss

Programming Instructor

Bob is a Burlington Code Academy graduate who joined the team as an instructor after many successful runs as a teaching assistant. Bob is also an artist, historian, teacher, and lover.

Sadie Goldfarb

Community Coordinator

Sadie's role as Community Coordinator allows her to do what she loves: connect people!⁠ When Sadie isn't working, she enjoys cooking new recipes, amusing her cats with string and frolicking in the snow!⁠

Nickolas Castle

Jr. Software Developer

Nick has a bachelor's degree from the University of Vermont in Computer Science and is a graduate of BCA's Summer 2019 Software Development Bootcamp.