Web Development Bootcamp

Immersive 12 Week Course Lead By Onsite Instruction


Our Web Development Bootcamp teaches you the skills necessary to transform your career. In 12 weeks, we will teach you how to code in multiple languages and frameworks, prepare you to work in real a development environment, and provide career support throughout.


Technology is always changing, and so are we. Burlington Code Academy teaches the programming languages for tomorrow, not yesterday. Our curriculum is tailored to the hiring needs of employers in Burlington and cutting-edge companies across the US.


The projects that you create throughout the course will be used to build your portfolio and impress your future boss. Individual and team-based projects will help you learn how to navigate communication barriers while working in a real development environment. Teamwork is imperative to web development, and we encourage students to learn from each other.


When you enroll as a student you become part of the Burlington Code Academy family. In addition to building long-lasting connections with your peers, we make sure to showcase your work to our hiring partners, introduce you to our friends in tech, and host a wide array of networking events to immerse you in the community.

What you will learn

JavaScript is the programming language for software development.

We take a deep dive into programming fundamentals and teach you to code JavaScript on the client- and server-side of an application (front-end + back-end). We prepare you with the fundamentals, core concepts, and necessary skills to think and work as a full-stack web developer.

Languages & Frameworks
Students can expect to learn front-end languages and frameworks, including: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, React, & JQuery. On the back-end, among other core concepts and technologies, we will be teaching Node, Express, and PostgreSQL.













What to expect

40 hours of assigned pre-course work to be completed one week prior to start of course.

The Web Development Bootcamp is a three-module program that is completed over the course of 12 weeks. In the first 8 weeks, you will take a deep dive in front-end and back-end programming using JavaScript while completing mini-projects along the way. In the last 4 weeks, you will build your featured project.

Module 1 (Weeks 1-4)

Programming Fundamentals

The building blocks of programming + Web Design, User Experience, and front-end development.

Module 2 (Weeks 5-8)

Software Development

The middle of the course will teach you the software development concepts and practices used in the industry.

Module 3 (Weeks 9-12)

Final Projects

Build, think, and code in a real development environment. Be prepared to work in an Agile project cycle.


If you really want to learn with us, we really want to make it happen. Email us, and lets make it work: info@burlingtoncodeacademy.com



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June 4th - Aug 24th

Summer 2018


12 Weeks

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm


While we do not require applicants to have previous coding experience, we do advise that you spend some time learning the fundamentals. There are plenty of free online resources (we recommend Codecademy.com or Marksheet.io) to get you started. Our admission decisions are based on an applicant’s eagerness to learn and intellectual curiousity.

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